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the human body

Where do artists find their inspiration – the human body

Artists are often pinpointed as the people that bring the least palpable contributions as members of society. They do not build roads, perform surgeries or farm the land, yet their works are ever-present in the life of every community.

When you analyze their creation process, you realize that artists work harder than most professionals. Writing the perfect line, painting the right nuance or finding the ideal keynote in a song requires time, commitment and inspiration. The latter is a trait shared by all craftsmen, but the ways of obtaining it differ from one artist to another. Here are some of the things and places where artisans find their stimulus more

The path to creativity

The path to creativity – about Megan Taylor Noe

One look at the "Black Sun" by Megan Taylor Noe will change your perspective on photography. The 2014 volume published by Oranbeg Press compiles the best work of the talented Chicago photographer that has amazed the world with her creativity and attention to detail. The path to a perfect representation of everyday things in a morbid fashion has been long and treacherous for Megan, but the results are remarkable and more than worthwhile.

The catalog of morbidity

According to Noe, her passion for macabre had begun in early childhood when she noticed how decaying produce fitted perfectly with a still-living environment. Her vision of the unusual has developed through the years, and this aspect can be seen in the Black Sun. more

Death rituals and practices

Death rituals and practices still present in modern society

Science has enriched our knowledge of the world we live in, and even the Universe does not seem like an endless pit of mysteries anymore. Still, there are a few old questions for which we have yet to find answers. Death is probably the uncertainty that puzzles and frightens us more than anything. The transgression from life to a new state of being, whether it is heaven-like or mere decomposition has created a long string of beliefs and rituals all over the world.

Tradition is one of the things that people care about without even questioning them. Unsurprisingly, many ancient death rituals and practices are still present in modern society. Here are some of them:

Buried in the sky

A millennia-old tradition in Mongolia asks the people in a community to bury their dead loved ones at the top of the highest mountain in their region. The belief that the soul escapes the body upon death leaving behind an empty vessel originates from the Tibetan Buddhists. They consider that your remains should be reintegrated into nature, so the body of the deceased is cut into pieces and laid on a mountaintop as food for the vultures. more