My mixtapes


i’m getting over the summer and getting ready for fall. i tried to make this mix of seemingly haunting tunes. for lack of a better title, i’m calling it incantations. not my best mix but it’ll do pigs. the next mix will most likely be inspired by the return to school. i’m getting into bernard szajner pretty hard, so maybe some thing electronic? proggy perhaps? i’m open to any and all suggestions. party on, wayne.


  • sweet rolling - colleen
  • words - low
  • chimeras - tim hecker
  • hand in hand in hand - popol vuh
  • a visit from drum - liars
  • ouroboros - oneohtrix point never
  • gymnopedie III. lent et grave - erik satie
  • the world of needs change [soulja boy] - clams casino
  • eccojam B4 - chuck person
  • place I know-kid like you - arthur russell
  • so damn pure - cass mccombs
  • I only have eyes for you - the flamingos
  • atone - grouper
  • furbearer - badgerlore

yours, mtn

yet again its taken me awhile to get to a happy point for this mix. NUMBFROMTHEDUMB is a mix of drone and metal varieties. my interests in metal and drone are very new yet wildly passionate. i haven’t fully acquired a specific taste for it, but i’m always open to suggestion and love hearing new things. next month’s will come sooner, as i have no solid work or travel plans for august. until next time, \m/.


  • death posture - zero kama
  • dia artio - wolves in the throne room
  • tick tock - death in june
  • akuma no kuma - sunnO))) & boris
  • doom - bongripper
  • skald av satans sol - darkthrone
  • internal decadence - immolation
  • angel of death - slayer
  • punish and destroy - weekend nachos
  • blazing eye - ildjarn
  • kaimadalthas’ nedstigning - burzum
  • one too many - menace ruine
  • af døde - nortt
  • cutting, opening, swimming southern wrights - growing

yours, mtn

its over due and not quite what i wanted it to be but here it is. similar to the previous mix but this one chills out nicely. next month is all drone/black metal and things of the like. it was almost done for july but it wasn’t perfect. I may post it early. email me if you have any requests or recommendations! this month is called I HATE IT TOO.


  • gypsy hand - woods
  • she came through the chimney - amon duul II
  • indian summer - beat happening
  • wake up in the morning - the clean
  • untitled -track 10 - constant smiles
  • lover’s start - how to dress well
  • reminiscences - ariel pink’s haunted graffiti
  • crush my love - death in june
  • no more sorry - my bloody valentine
  • july - low
  • i hate it too - hum
  • sequence c’ - tangerine dream
  • jim cain - bill callahan
  • coney island baby - lou reed
  • fade into you - mazzy star

yours, mtn

hello babies. here’s the first one. good for the beginning of the summer, i think. it’s called DENIMSWIM.


  • forget the swan - dinosaur jr.
  • morning - bailter space
  • cry for a shadow - beat happening
  • he’s disabled - death in june
  • baby’s arms - kurt vile
  • angelfuck - pajo
  • evergreen dazed - felt
  • eyesore - women
  • pure unevil - liars
  • slow - my bloody valentine
  • spik and span - the gordons
  • say whats on your mind - broken water
  • i wanna be adored - the stone roses
  • cherry-coloured funk - cocteau twins

yours, mtn

here is where i will be posting mixtapes for all my babies once a month! i’m starting it with a mix my pal Matt dedicated to me back in april. its been on constant rotation for a month and thought it should be shared again! it makes a good sound track for rainywalks/foggybrains/nightbike rides/reading/stonerlisteningsessions/watchingplantsgrow/WHATEVS.
its called BROKENTEETH.


  • 1. Oneohtrix Point Never “Zones Without People”
  • 2. Motion Sickness of Time Travel “Mental Projection”
  • 3. Tim Hecker “Hatred of Music I”
  • 4. Yoga “Dreamcast”
  • 5. Blues Control “Rest on Water”
  • 6. Deaf Center “Divided”
  • 7. Mark McGuire “Clear the Cobwebs”
  • 8. James Blackshaw “Key”
  • 9. Pan American “For ‘Aiming at the Stars’”
  • 10. Zelienople “I Put All My Faith in Her”
  • 11. Grouper “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping”
  • 12. Kevin Drumm “Cloudy”
  • 13. Fennesz “Vacuum”
  • 14. Yellow Swans “Going Places”
  • 15. Leyland Kirby “Tonight is the Last Night of the World”

stay tuned, i should be posting my first mix in a week or so.

yours, mtn - love u