the human body

Where do artists find their inspiration – the human body

Artists are often pinpointed as the people that bring the least palpable contributions as members of society. They do not build roads, perform surgeries or farm the land, yet their works are ever-present in the life of every community.

When you analyze their creation process, you realize that artists work harder than most professionals. Writing the perfect line, painting the right nuance or finding the ideal keynote in a song requires time, commitment and inspiration. The latter is a trait shared by all craftsmen, but the ways of obtaining it differ from one artist to another. Here are some of the things and places where artisans find their stimulus:

The human body

People have been obsessed with the human body ever since the ancient times. Most of the civilizations that flourished on the planet have given it a divine origin, and even today entire religions attribute human anatomy to godly creation.

Artists have not overlooked the features of the human body in their works. Entire paintings, poems, and songs have been created as odes to the intricate systems of flesh, blood, and bones that we inhabit. Some of the greatest works in world history are sculptures or drawings of the human body. Recent technology has taken this obsession even further, and today we can admire our carnal vessels in erotic photography or motion pictures.

Constant movement

Many young artists make the mistake of overthinking the creation process. They believe that inspiration strikes like lightning, and first, you have to create the perfect conditions for a storm. They need the ideal environment for it: a safe place with their favorite music playing in the background and a glass of wine resting on the table.

More experienced artisans know that the best ideas come when you challenge your limits and always move in unsuitable environments. To achieve inspiration you need to get out of your comfort zone and spend your time and energy in places that you would normally repel. Staying in a location waiting for the right plot to settle in will create something dull, foreseeable and unoriginal.

Consult the classics

There is nothing new under the sun. In fact, the only original works of art could be traced to the first growls that developed into half-baked songs or the first sketches that later led to the millennia-old cave paintings. Every song, book, painting or film has its inspiration in previous art works. Therefore, it is no shame in looking for ideas in the works of past artisans.

Every idea that has taken an art form in human history can be reviewed and reshaped into something entirely new. You can find inspiration in almost anything, whether it is a line from a theater play, an ancient Greek sculpture or the light captured by a skilled photographer. From then on it is up to you to create something brand new and original that will catch the admiration of art lovers. Furthermore, a great work of art will inspire future generations of artists to create new and exciting representations.